The Urban Legend of Social Media Marketing

Tuesday 8 September | 11:35am - 12:10pm | Ballroom

As social marketing evolves into a mandatory effort for brands, the social landscape constantly shifts. Exponential growth has pushed the ‘feed frenzy’ louder than ever while social powerhouses are aggressively moving to monetize their platforms.

With never-ending algorithm changes that diminish organic reach by the day, brands are forced into a paid media corner just to engage the community they have spent the past decade building. As marketers are quickly discovering, there are serious flaws in current social marketing strategies: we are experiencing the death of earned media and it’s time for brands to rethink how they build engaged communities.

In this session, attendees will learn how to socialize their owned properties, apps and events by creating their own, highly engaging social experiences — all without giving up control. Early adopter success stories, technologies, and best practices for these new strategies will be covered in the session.

speaking in this session:

Miguel Rosado Boulet
Director Business Development, Asia Pacific


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