Keynote: The Thrill of the Punt

Tuesday 8 September | 9:15am - 9:55am | Ballroom

Hulsbosch created a world-class brand strategy, UBET that delivered on a promise to make punting as thrilling as possible in Australia.

TattsBet is one of Australia’s largest race and sports betting providers with 1,400 retail outlets nationwide. Faced with the increased competition from local and international players and more sports focused customer, TattsBet needed to completely relook at their offer and experience.

In April 2015, the company unified its betting operations under the new national brand UBET as part of a transformation process to reclaim its leadership position in a highly competitive consumer sector.

In their iMedia Brand Summit session, Linda Jukic (Hulsbosch) and Megan Magill (Tatts Group) unpack the details that make-up the comprehensive strategic positioning project that set a course for the ‘TAB of the future.’

The business had existed under separate state centric brands and agencies therefore unification under one brand was key to renewed product engagement and increased brand awareness. Hulsbosch embarked on a journey to reinvent TattsBet across all touchpoints from the online experience to taking advantage of its’ retail footprint.

The power of a brand strategy and its intersection with the business strategy is a proven cornerstone to the Hulsbosch brand perspective. The session will also reveal why building a strategic and intimate relationship with clients and supporting their operations achieve outstanding results.

speaking in this session:

Linda Jukic
Creative Director


Megan Magill
Tatts Group


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