Digital CMO Fireside: How Strategy Impacts Your Ability to Do More With Less

Tuesday 8 September | 9:00am - 9:40am | Ballroom

As a challenger brand, how can you compete with deep-pocketed competitors and their legions of digital marketing troops? Marketing automation will only get you so far.

So what should you be doing to ensure you’re not a mere signpost along the customer journey? And perhaps more importantly, what shouldn’t you be wasting time, budget and limited staff on? Digital marketing veteran and author of the best-selling book, Taking Down Goliath: Digital Marketing Strategies for Beating Competitors with 100 Times Your Spending Power, Kevin Ryan sits down with CMO Chris Moloney (responsible for over a billion dollars in media spend over the past 10 years at Wells Fargo Advisors, Experian and Scottrade) shares his views on being a Goliath vs. how to be the best “David” and get it done.

Kevin and Chris will examine strategy as a secret weapon – and how smarter beats bigger and more expensive.

speaking in this session:

Chris Moloney
CDO & Managing Partner
ARIA Consulting LLC


Kevin Ryan
CEO & Author
Motivity Marketing


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