Carlo Bertozzi



I’m the CEO & Founder of Longtail, one of Australia’s leading integrated digital agencies, with offices in Sydney and Perth. We’re a pretty unique combination of creative agency and trading desk; our blend of strategy, creativity and programmatic is rare.

I began my digital career in 1996 and lived through the dotcom crash as Director and Head of Media Services for Excite Europe in London; a transformative experience! Since arriving in Australia in 2001 I’ve launched a number of digital ventures, including Longtail, which was founded in 2007.

We have offices in Sydney and Perth and whilst we specialise in digital we are engaged in a wide range of through-the-line campaign activity, across many different industries. Our model is striking a chord with brands on both sides of the country as they discover that many people ‘talk’ about data and creative in the same breath but few are able to deliver on the concept.

Longtail has its own in-house trading desk. Having been actively running data driven campaigns since 2008 an in-house trading desk was a natural next step for our media operations. We leverage a range of best of breed ad tech to enable us to deliver transparency in all we do. This capability allows us to deliver actionable insights and audiences, and that gets us (and our clients) excited!