Nick Whitehead

Head of Sales


I’m passionate about helping marketers and communicators take advantage of the paradigm shift to digital communication for marketing, corporate communications and internal communications.

Online video is rapidly changing the way people communicate, work, shop and entertain themselves and this presents great opportunities for organisations.

From a marketing perspective, online video is a proven tool to increase engagement, optimise conversion and drive sales.

For business communicators, the key benefits are reduced costs of messaging and high impact content to maximise reach and engagement with internal and external audiences.

Building the business case and then shaping the technology and strategy to suit – as the leader in online video solutions across Asia Pacific Viocorp is helping progressive marketers and communicators stay at the front of the pack.

Specialties: Sales Management, Marketing Management, Lead Generation, SaaS, Webcasting, Investor Relations, Information Management, Corporate Communication, Digital Marketing, Online video, Digital Media